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Application Rationalization

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Application Rationalization

Our Application Rationaization service helps organizations streamline their software application portfolio, by identifying redundant, outdated, or unnecessary applications, and developing a plan to optimize their usage or retire them. The service is aimed at helping organizations optimize their IT investments, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their overall IT performance.

The application rationalization service typically starts with a comprehensive analysis of the existing application landscape, including usage data, maintenance costs, licensing agreements, and business needs. This analysis helps identify applications that are no longer needed, underutilized, or outdated, and prioritize the most critical applications.

Next, the service team works with the organization to develop a rationalization plan, which outlines the steps needed to optimize the use of the most critical applications and retire the rest. This plan typically includes recommendations for consolidating applications, migrating to more modern platforms, or replacing applications with better alternatives.

Throughout the rationalization process, the service team works closely with the organization to ensure that business needs are met, and that critical applications are not disrupted. They also provide guidance on how to optimize the usage of remaining applications, which can include training employees on how to use them more efficiently.

Overall, the application rationalization service helps organizations reduce their application portfolio, improve efficiency, and lower costs, while ensuring that critical applications are not impacted. By leveraging this service, organizations can achieve a more streamlined, efficient, and effective application landscape that supports their business goals.